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What are the steps for ESG Data Management using eValuater Buyer?

eValuater simplifies and automates the collection, consolidation, and analysis of more than 1,000 data types and supports major, internationally recognized ESG reporting frameworks.

  • Leverage a comprehensive repository of questions, categories, standards, and frameworks to form the foundation of your data.
  • Effortlessly collect data across your operations and from your supplier network.
  • Align your data with all relevant standards and frameworks.
  • Gain confidence through the validation and data integrity checks across all metrics. 

Platform Coverage

Our coverage allows you to aggregate the data from your internal operations (forms) and your supply chain (surveys) for risk, data analysis, and reporting across all relevant material topics including;


·        Anti-Corruption

·        Cultural Heritage

·        Digital Security & Personal Privacy

·        Economic Performance

·        Ecosystems, Wildlife & Biodiversity

·        Employees, Labour & Human Resources

·        Energy

·        Environment, Climate & Emissions

·        Finance

·        Governance


·        Health & Safety

·        Human Rights & Social Justice

·        Legal & Compliance

·        Local Communities

·        Materials

·        Supply Chain & Procurement Practices

·        Tax

·        Training & Education

·        Waste Management

·        Water Management