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How do I optimize my Intengine sustainability profile?

You’re listed on Intengine – now what?

Depending on the plan you have chosen for your company, Intengine offers a wide range of core and additional features implemented to optimize your brand visibility. To review or upgrade your current plan, log in to your profile and click "update my listing plan".

We tailor all our plans to suit your and your business’s needs. Our Sales and Marketing Booster bundles have been designed based on our extensive experience working with companies of all sizes and levels in Sustainability and Digital Marketing. To view our Sales and Marketing Booster bundles, click here.

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Editing company details on my Intengine profile. 

    • My listing: 
      • To edit your listing, go to the ‘my listing’ page found by clicking your account icon. From here, locate the listing you wish to edit and click ‘listing’ on the left-hand side of the page. Here you will be able to edit your listing information. 
    • Personal account information: 
      • To edit your account information, visit the ‘my personal profile’ page found through the account icon at the top right-hand corner of the home screen. 
    • Adding locations 
      • To add a location to your existing listing, access your listing information page and locate the ‘listing’ tab in the menu. This will create a drop-down menu to find the ‘locations’ tab. Intengine offers up to 15 location displays for your business, depending on your chosen plan. Need to upgrade your plan? Click here.
    • How do I view and respond to customer reviews? 
      • To view and respond to your customer reviews, go to the ‘my listing page’ where you will find the ‘reviews’ section in the left-hand menu. 
    • How do customers view my listing? 
      • Each plan allows for a different range of content publishable on your listing. To review our plan options and discover each offer, click here
      • To view how your listing looks to customers, go to the ‘my listing’ page and choose the listing you wish to view. You can click the ‘view public listing’ button on this screen’s top banner. 
    • Privacy settings