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How to search at Intengine?

General Search for Sustainability-focused businesses at Intengine

How do I search for sustainability-focused businesses at Intengine?

You can browse, filter, refine, select, and connect with innovative sustainable businesses. Intengine is beyond traditional search.

To search for suppliers on Intengine, you can start by selecting the industry you are looking for under ‘Find a Business’ in the header. This will give you access to all listings within this industry. Next, you can filter and refine your search by clicking one of the sub-categories or by filtering your search just below. This main page will include all businesses within that industry. -

- How do I search?

To search our directory for specific people, businesses, or services, utilize the search bar at the top of the web page. You can refine your search based on a location.

- Filtering my search

To filter your search results, begin by accessing the industry page you wish to search through the ‘find a business’ tab. This will open the industry’s main page, where you can refine your search further based on location, listing type, and certification.