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How do I utilize eValuater Buyer for Supply Chain Management?

Supplier Management & Engagement Module is designed to enhance transparency and compliance within your supplier network.

  • Enhance transparency and compliance within your existing supplier network.
  • Connect with suppliers through personalized or bulk notifications.
  • Collect data promptly and efficiently with pre-built and custom survey templates.
  • Create individualized private networks to share sensitive and confidential information.
  • Organize your suppliers by project.

Efficient and prompt data collection is crucial for the generation of accurate and transparent reports. You can achieve this by utilizing our pre-built survey templates or customize your own to gather data from your suppliers. 

Features (Differentiators)


  • Public Access Database:
    • Provides access to a public database.
  • Marketplace:
    • Allows users to connect with eco-minded businesses.
    • Allows sharing of private and sensitive documents and information.
  • Individualized Private Network Tool:
    • Facilitates the creation of private networks by users.
    • Enables communication and sharing of important, private, and highly-sensitive data.
    • Operates outside the public realm to prioritize privacy.

Connections (Connected Profiles)

  • The Connected Profile screen displays all public profile data for a business.
  • It includes additional private information shared exclusively with you.
  • For instance, if you've requested GHG reduction data, policies, plans, or social responsibility data from a connected business, it will be listed here.
  • This information supplements the existing public profile data.