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How do I search and invite my connections using eValuater Buyer

Intengine's Market Place matching seamlessly connects suppliers and buyers.

Buyers can invite their preferred suppliers to their network, facilitating business transactions between them. This process aligns with Intengine's mission as the #1 Sustainable Marketplace.


Connections / Profile

Log into your private account to access the following options:

  • Create and view your Private Connections
  • Invite current suppliers to join Intengine and your network
  • View existing business connections
  • Search and filter your current Connections
  • Send out mass invites to expand your Connections
  • Group connections into various lists
  • Send surveys or information requests to specific parts of your network

Search My Connections

  • The "Search my Connection" screen enables users to explore their private networks on Intengine.
  • Utilize the same keyword and filter tools available in the public Intengine database for efficient searching.
  • Incorporates private data filters shared within your network, allowing personalized searches based on specific criteria.
  • For instance, if annual carbon emissions data is requested from connections, filter the network based on their carbon emission values.
  • Additionally, users can search the entire Global Intengine database within this module to discover new businesses for connection invitations or network organization into lists.

Invite to My Connections

  • Users with existing databases of suppliers, business partners, and customers can leverage our mass-invite module.
  • The module allows the uploading of CSV or Excel files containing email addresses and optional information like business name, address, phone, or website.
  • Intengine scans the uploaded data to identify existing listings and facilitates the invitation or connection process with businesses already on Intengine.
  • Users can invite businesses to join Intengine and connect, or if already present on the platform, directly invite them to connect.